Steeped in generational tradition and over 40 years in the making, the Cox Family has dedicated their lives to the fine art of masonry. Similar to ancestors before him, Eddie Cox, President of Southwest Stone, has continued on with the profoundly important family legacy by literally building it one stone at a time. Now, with his sons working with him side by side, the tradition of masonry excellence in the Cox Family continues to live on for new generations to come. For the Cox’s, it is a tradition that is grounded in the timeless knowledge of the craft, a passion for distinctive stone, and an unstoppable desire to continue learning that has literally taken Eddie Cox on travels around the world. With a strong work ethic, superior craftsmanship of stone that competitors try in vain to match, and a pride in their family’s devotion to masonry; the Cox family persists in their efforts to provide only the highest quality stone available in North America.

Distinctive and rich family experience behind us, it was only natural that Southwest Stone would continue to expand and grow even in harsh economic times that took siege on the global community. Southwest Stone’s growth has been so expansive that we have spent the last several years enlarging our work scope into custom commercial projects that have included major restaurant chains, national sporting goods stores, international airports, prestigious colleges & universities, banking institutions, and multiple other industry sectors. It was also natural that as the word for Southwest Stone’s beautiful and un-equivocal stone cuts and blends began to spread across the country, so would our work into other states across the nation. It is this drive to continually grow in knowledge, reach out to new customers, and stay on the literal cutting edge of masonry technology that is helping Southwest Stone expand the love of our craft in more ways than we ever imagined possible.

Today, Southwest Stone is the leading natural thin stone and masonry provider and installer in North America. We push forward with a goal to take a little piece of natural beauty from the earth and share it with our customers in their homes and businesses. In fact, every time we quarry our rock from the earth, cut and polish it using the finest built equipment from countries around the world, transport the well packaged material to its destination, and finally install the stunning stone directly from the bare hands of our trained masons; we know that we are proudly continuing on the traditions that our ancestors before us boldly paved the way for. Southwest Stone makes it our business to know stone and to know our customers.

We promise fair and equitable prices for a product whose quality could never be questioned. We promise timely installation and upfront communication that works with your schedule and your needs. We promise more because we refuse to offer our valued and respected customers anything but 100% excellence.

So, if you ever wondered where you would find the perfect stone to match that indescribably beautiful custom home or building you have been picturing so clearly in your mind, then know that your search is over. Because we are Southwest Stone and we are ready, capable, and excited to be a part of turning your dream into the reality that you always imagined it could be.